Rachel Dolezal…you are Trans-what?

Sooo…this woman Rachel Dolezal decides to invent a new word ” ‘Transracial’ …which I guess she relates to Transgender?…except has to do with race. She calls it a story of survival? what exactly was she surviving?

Would all those black kids being shot by police have a choice to become ”Transracial” to avoid being killed? Survival huh? Or maybe this will be the answer for my Friend Liz with her dark chocolate skin so she can finally get that Band 6 Nursing opportunity that has eluded her for 12 years, (despite the fact that everyone in her department recognizes her as by far the most knowledgeable, most hard-working member of her team).

Read Rachel Dolezal’s  story here world and please tell me what you think.http://www.theguardian.com/…/rachel-dolezal-today-show-inte…


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