Lady on a train to Guildford, please STOP saying you are colour blind…

In real life what does colour- blindness mean?

A person with colourblindness has trouble seeing red, green, blue, or mixtures of these colours

So there you have it, colour-blindness in my opinion is some sort of a disability where one mixes up colours, but still sees in some colour or another. Sounds like serious stuff to me folks. I mean this could affect one’s choice of career, or most dangerously cause trouble at the traffic lights.

OMG! the traffic lights! How could those who chose the traffic light signals be so insensitive?

Anyway, back to racism: Lady on a train to Guildford, I overheard you explain to your friend that you are colour blind, you seemed so proud of your enlightenment, but this is why I think it is wrong to use colour-blindness as some sort of absolution to that racial prejudice that you said have been accused of:

  1. It is unfair to those who are actually colour-blind. Yea, that’s you there being unfair to 8.8% of the world’s population.
  2. Lady,there has to be something wrong with people feigning some sort of disability to avoid dealing with the fact that all human beings are the same regardless of the amount of melanin on their skin
  3. Some studies show that even blind people can exhibit racial prejudice as a result of biases they have learnt about certain people groups. So colour-blindness does not exempt you, sorry.
  4. Also, colourism and other forms of racism exist among people of the same race groups. For example; I hear my Eastern European friends in England complaining about racism all the time. What’s that all about?
  5. Saying you are colour-blind is just avoiding the issue of racism as opposed addressing why other people’s ethnic backgrounds would make you or other people around you treat them differently.

Therefore NO; Lady on a train to Guildford, you are clearly not colour-blind, you can tell I am black, the girl opposite you  is Hispanic and most people in this carriage are White (or whatever colour they are; God bless them all).

The question is; if you were on that interview panel, would you feel your heart warming up to someone because they look a certain way?

If we were in a crowded shop and you lost your wallet, who would you first suspect deep down in your heart; assuming you are clever enough not to tell anyone what you think about such thoughts?

Lady on a train to Guildford, perhaps you are a really good person and have no prejudice at all in your heart- just say that, I think people can understand, no need to feign colour-blindness.

# It’s just melanin, don’t make it a Monster#


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