Using your Sphere of influence to fight prejudice

So the world is littered with prejudice of all sorts; we could be spoilt for choice if we were to choose just one course to champion in our lifetime.

I am starting with racial prejudice; an all colour issue. I can’t claim I know where or how it all started. All I know is that the issue of skin colour runs really deep, it runs really far back in history and it is set to haunt humanity for years to come, unless we stop looking at it as black, brown, white or whatever colour issue you may think it is.

So what to do?

Not all of us are campaigners, but each human being has a certain sphere of influence.  Large or small. There is at least one person in your world who cares about what you think, and if not, then there is another problem we need to be dealing with.

But let us start with those of us who have some sort of a sphere of influence.

My sphere of influence consists for example of my parents, siblings, my spouse, my young son and a few friends.  I started by asking myself, do these people closest to me know where I stand on racial prejudice?  And the answer is ooooh! Yes….So there you go if you wish to get started on any issue.

Also you can drop me a comment, please feel free to share with me about your journey to changing your world.


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