YES_ #BlackLives Matter# in the UK

I have very quickly realised over the past couple of weeks that a good number of my friends in the UK have some reservations about  #BlackLivesMatter #. In fact, quite a number of people feel quite offish about it.

I even jokingly set out to to offer  #BlackLivesMatter# arm bands as gifts from me to some of my friends  for whatever occasion…well, let’s just say I haven’t lost a penny.

These are some of the reservations people have:

1# BlackLivesMatter# is American campaign; Black Brits have their own issues they could be dealing with.

And I am like really, issues like what? Being stalked by everyday racism in a society overwhelmed with its own false sense of political correctness?

#Black lives Matter# in North and South America, #BlacklivesMatter# in Europe, #BlacklivesMatter# in Africa, #Black lives Matter#  in Oceania, #BlacklivesMatter#  in Antarctica- (Scientists be ware)!.

I agree that everyday racism may manifest slightly differently from society to society.However, I think we can all agree that the bottom line is: There is a racism problem here in Britain, and we need to challenge it by whatever means and #BlackLivesMatter# is a powerful wave right now, why not ride it?

2# Overwhelmed by that false sense of political correctness, we don’t want to raffle feathers.

Well whose feathers are we sparing here? There is an overwhelming evidence of police brutality on black people. The BBC recently featured a disturbing developing story of Far-right groups recruiting children; children who probably go to the same schools as our children.  How will we protect our children from the looming danger posed by these recruits? You can read the story here if that helps:

Of course this particular story focuses on Islam phobia, but once someone’s heart is hell bent on hating that which is different, there is no stopping it…

#3 BlackLivesMatter# is Polarising…All lives Matter?

Look at any other campaign you know, whether it is promoting girls’ education, women’s empowerment, saving the rhino…any campaign; the focus is on one specific issue that is facing a major threat. Black people are facing a major threat once again in the history of mankind.

At least this one time, will you be on our side?

Do you know of any other objections people have towards #BlacklivesMatter#?  Always welcome to continue the conversation here.


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