Colour Line- A colonial Legacy that still haunts the globe

Love the skin you live in, respect the skins others live in.

 So colonialists’ restricted whatever ‘favours’ they had to give to specific classes of individuals, usually based on skin colour or ethnic origin. This segregation led to a natural segregation throughout colonised countries and established the foundation for a racially segregated future.  Unfortunately, we continue to live in this future.

Comparable to the modern day Poverty Line, Colonialists created a clear ‘Colour Line’. You either lived below this line; and were doomed, on it, or above it. Your life was considerably better based on how higher up you were relative to the colour Line. The best documented example of the Colour Line effect can be drawn from Apartheid South Africa.

Fast forward to the year 2015, and a large section of the world’s population is still hanging on to the Colour Line ideology. People are putting their lives in danger for skin lightening products across the globe. At the core of this issue is an undressed prejudice against one’s self,  a sense of self-hate. Why doesn’t the realization that this was the original  idea of some self-obsessed, power drunk, wicked colonialist help?

The Colour Line ideology continues to instil self-doubt in billions of men and women across the world. To these people, it is a miserable world where beauty and self-worth is   measured based on the amount of melanin visible on one’s skin.

It is for this reason that I am particularly grateful that women like Lupita Nyongo are helping the world trash the Colour Lines. Preaching self-love and self-worth is the way to go!

Love the skin you live in, respect the skins others live in.


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