Thou shall not use the N-word

So I was just thinking, black folk use the word ‘Nigger’ a lot in songs, to fondly address each other, or sometimes to angrily address each other, whatever.

I grew up in a large happy black African family. Between my siblings there were lots of jokes and sometimes ‘mean’ but playful name calling. For example there was the person with the ‘big head’, and the other known for their ‘heavy lips’. Features that in adulthood turn out to be such great elements of physical beauty and envy.

We were the only ones allowed to be mean to each other. If anyone outside the family as much as whispered these references, all my siblings would gang up and go to war; (verbal or physical). Which was never a good idea for the ‘enemies’ due to our numbers.

So I am sure you have figured out that this is what is playing out with the use of the N-word. And I am 100% behind the historical sentiments of the exclusivity in using this word.

But I was just thinking about the dilemma of white people who love Hip Hop.

It must feel like being in the Garden of Eden, staring at the forbidden fruit all day and not being allowed to have even  a tiny bite. The weight of the commandment Thou shall not use the N-word, weighing down heavily on your psyche.

I mean, what do you do when you reach the line with the N-word? Can you imagine being allowed to use all the swear words in the world, except the N-word? (if you are into swear words that is).

I guess the following 20 artists were faced with this dilemma and handled their choices very badly…

Do you ever use the N-word?


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