Here are the top 10 things some readers wanted to know about the author (the list is not in any particular order of importance)

Dear reader,

  1. I am  a married mother in my 30s
  2. I was born in a small village somewhere in East Africa, a small village which some of my friends still refer to as  the middle of nowhere (and  I still don’t know what that means)
  3. I accidentally immigrated to England about 7 years ago, and would quickly come to terms with the reality that I am black…and that is a big deal.
  4. I work in the charitable sector
  5. I am a social entrepreneur
  6. I am driven by the passion to live in a more just and equal world for all people.
  7. My greatest fantasy is looking at the world through the eyes of my growing children.
  8. I am happy to contribute to debates on the issues close to my heart
  9. I am a Christian.
  10. I want to have some pets when I grow up

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